NKADDSNAP Challenge Day Two

Yogurt, Honey, and Granola
Breakfast: Yogurt, Honey, and Granola

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already missing my normal coffee routine. By now I’d have started my first cup and, as is the ritual of the start to my workday, I would’ve blown the steam off the top for fifteen minutes while I checked my urban planning/public administration news-feed on Digg Reader. Instead I’ve got a slight headache that I could attribute to the change in weather or the change in caffeine. I’m noticing that I’m mentally a bit slower today, groggy even. Waking up was fine, I packed lunch with the same panic of remembrance that I was doing the SNAP Challenge as yesterday.

Lunch and breakfast are exactly the same. I’m eating a cup of yogurt with honey, a granola and peanut butter bar, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. These things did little to help me by 4:00p yesterday when I started to feel some hunger pangs and exhaustion. This is strange given that I often skip breakfast and sometimes even lunch. Perhaps coffee was more integral to my daily routine than I thought?

Tonight I’ll be making spaghetti with chili beans with bacon topped with some chicken chunks (breast meat) and a side of green beans (1/2 can). I’m planning to go for a run before dinner, which should contribute a burn of about 700 calories. My perspective from this end of the week says I’ll run out of food by Friday if I try to keep up with my half-marathon training plan this week (by the way, I’m going to run a half-marathon).

I’ll update this post with the exact number from today’s food and exercise tonight when I get everything logged into MyFitnessPal.

End of Day Two:

Tonight for dinner I improvised and made spaghetti with chicken, mixed vegetables, baked potato cubes, and (kidney) beans. I made a roux with chicken broth for a sauce. It wasn’t exactly the most beautiful culinary improvisation I’ve ever made, but it worked.

I’ve started keeping an inventory in addition to the food diary (I think the social scientist in me knew it would come down to tracking as much data as possible). You can look at the tracking sheet at any time.

This might normally mean I would have finished my food diary, but I went for a run today and in the process burned about 740 calories. As of the time of this update I’m now 729 calories , 32 fat and 1,082 sodium under my daily limit and 56 carbs, 7 protein, and 56 sugar over my daily limit. I’ll likely have to fill in the deficit in calories with carbs since I can’t really spare any chicken at my current rate of use and I seem to have an abundance of grains and pasta.

Day 2 Food Diary, missing calories to compensate for running.
Today’s Diary before the carb binge.

Update Two:

I quickly figured out that I was going to have to eat essentially the whole box of spaghetti. So I did. That left me about 271 calories over my daily limit and really increased the number of carbs I had:

Final summary for day two.
Final counts for day two.

2 responses to “NKADDSNAP Challenge Day Two”

  1. First off, good luck on the half marathon! If it’s the pig, I’ll see you out there (five of us from OKI are running the pig half).

    What I’m concerned to see is that you used carbs for recovery after a run. You really want protein for recovery (I’d include a source here, but I’m on my tablet so finding the right source is a bit difficult, but if you want some sources, drop me a tweet or email or something). I guess that points out an issue with the SNAP program.

    • You’re absolutely right! I usually recover with protein and you’re right that protein is better for recovery. The SNAP program certainly makes it difficult to get a specific blend of nutrients for an active lifestyle.

      Good luck to you too! Its been hard training with all this snow.

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