Another thing I’ll likely be writing about consistently is our home-brewing.

By our, I refer to the list of people I collaborate with to brew beer:

  1. Rebecca (my fiancee) and I brew small all-grain batches (1 gallon) in our kitchen.
  2. Matt, Nikki, Mike, and Emily brew as a “guild” doing all grain batches.
  3. Rebecca, her father, and I brew extract kits together in his driveway.

Overall we’ve completed:

  • A failed Russian Imperial Stout that became the Midwest Godfather Hoppy Stout.
  • A going away gift to our friend Seth, the Going Away (Mosaic) IPA.
  • A Dunkelweiss we call the imBiber/imBieber,
  • A Maple Chocolate Porter, I call the MCP (Maple Chocolate Porter) Contingency Plan.
  • A Vanilla Porter we call Mad Maddie’s Porter.
  • An American Amber I called Papa Nezzy’s NumerUno.

We’re currently planning:

  • A pecan or almond brown ale (1 gallon all grain)
  • A pepper chocolate stout (5 gallon all grain)
  • A clone of the White House Honey Ale (5 gallon extract)

Most recently we finished the Dunkelweiss listed above. We opened the first bottles last Friday and overall we were a bit disappointed. Everything leading up to then had been promising, even Matt (the major skeptic), was waiting with bated breath for this beer. What we drank that night was good, if not promising, but not what we had anticipated.

We’ve resolved to let the beer condition for a month now and see if that mellows out the fruity/spicy/banana flavors and reveals some of the maltier flavor.

The Dunkelweiss definitely had our best brewing process to date, we resolves issues with mash efficiency and even created a yeast starter. There is, however, something we missed. Matt blames abnormally high fermentation temperatures due to summer heat. I think that may be part of it, but I wonder what else might have gone awry?

The Going Away IPA is still my favorite beer we brewed, it was so enjoyable and complex that we ended up drinking all of it the day we were able to being drinking it. We found a rogue bottle a month later and it still tasted great.

Anyway, more updates (with pictures!) to come as we improve and plan more beer.

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